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How it works

Use any Linux or Lorawan device 


From low-cost, simple level sensors to highly complex industrial controllers analysing camera feeds – Doover does it all.

Doover allows you to integrate low-power Lora devices, and more powerful linux powered devices, and link them together. Use products purchased from third-party vendors when it suits you, and do your own devices or make your own modifications where you need to. Choose the platform that gives you the most options.

Create an account, and you’ll find that you can get started in minutes.

Below are a series of videos showing just how quick it is to get started. All are less than 2 minutes.

Setup an Account


Adding Lorawan Devices


Adding Linux Devices


I’m a developer – How does this really work?

Every package used by Doover is a Git repository.

Check out a template for a lora device HERE.

Checkout some examples HERE (Level Sensor) and HERE (Rain Gauge).

When you deploy a device, Doover will download the package from this repository and compose an installer, a series of docker containers (if you deploying a linux device), and a series of tiny python programs that run inside Doover’s Big Data Engine when messages are published to different channels.

With Doover’s model, each device can be different, and updating the code running on the device, it’s UI and any associated connections with other devices by updating its package through Git, and clicking deploy.


Everyone wants their product quickly, and everyone wants something a little different. Integrating so closely with Git gives you the powerful tools and the ecosystem to move quickly, and manage variation and complexity at scale.

Found a Doover driver for a device that you like? But just want to make a few modifications? Just fork the package and make your changes. Doover will pull your code from this repository, deploy the necessary cloud resources, and then provide an installer package for your device. If you find that the author of the original package makes some improvements that you want as well – just merge their changes into your custom repo and keep on moving.

With this model, you can move quickly and freely, without sacrificing compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem.


You can signup and start using devices right away, and for free. At this stage you will have to get in touch with us to start using your own linux devices.

Get in touch at


This is all great, but I can’t code / don’t have time / don’t care for this stuff


No problem! Use an integrator to fill in any gaps as required. Our principle integrator is Span Engineering – check them out and get in touch at Use an integrator to get you started, or manage the technicalities for you – but do it on a system that allows you to take over when you need to.


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