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Every Device.

One App.

Explore Doover’s growing range of remote control and monitor solutions.

Pump Stations

Doover has partnered with Irritek to provide remote control for irrigation pumps right to your smart phone.


Water Meters

Doover integrates with Mace and Aquamonix flow meters in partnership with Irritek to allow remote flow monitoring and flow rate pump control.

Bankless Gates

Automate bankless channel gates to irrigate remotely from your mobile phone

Level Sensors

Monitor the level of storage dams, fuel tanks and water channels.

Silo Aeration

Automate silo aeration timing with remote grain temperature and moisture sensing.

Stock Water

Monitor and receive alerts for trough levels and water consumption.



Equipment Trackers

Track location, hours and kilometers  of mobile assets and receive text notifications for upcoming services.

Weather Stations

Install a Doover weather station to get actuate Doover devices based on weather events.

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