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Monitor. Manage. Maximise.

Mitigate risk, manage costs and manufacture opportunity with Doover.

All the tools you need for integrated monitoring, automation and analysis. All in one platform, all from your phone, all under your own brand. 

From low-cost water monitoring, to managing fleets of high-performance assets across customers. Start small and grow as you go. 

Get started for FREE. Watch our explainer videos showing the whole process in under 2 minutes HERE.

Like WordPress for Devices

Doover offers a new way to do connected tech.

Buy generic hardware, download whatever software you need, and using it all from your phone. Doover makes this process accessible, and provides the platform for interoperability.

Control the whole process, customise when you need, build systems that evolve with you.

I Want

More than an App store

Like an App store, Doover offers an open and growing ecosystem. Unlike the App store though, with Doover, you can modify the apps yourself. If you find a Doover powered device that is almost what you want, you can use that as a template, modify it, and create your own customised one.

You can have it all with Doover. Have complete control over your system, get exactly the functionality you want, and still remain compatible with the rest of the ecosystem. Build tools that enable, rather than a rod for your own back.

Build Tools

That Grow

Commodity Hardware. Powerful Software

Doover allows you to use inexpensive, generic hardware with whatever software you’d like. And most importantly, empowers you to change easily and remotely. Get started quickly with whatever you have available and then evolve as you go.

Why Choose Doover

Open Ecosystem

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Leverage work already done by others. Integrate other products into your platform quickly


Get started for free. Have your own branded Web App, ready for customers, in minutes

Built on Change

Make changes, and deploy to your customers over-the-air. Give your customers valuable products quickly, and build on them over time

Purpose Built

Doover integrates best-practice platforms into a streamlined workflow. Get the power of the great tools that you already know and love in a ready package

Big Ones

Small Ones

Ones as big as your head

Success Stories

For over 25 years, Irritek has been supplying high-quality water infrastructure across Australia. Irritek are leaders in high-volume water infrastructure.

Using Doover, Irritek have launched their own connected service ‘Irritek Remote’ for remote control and monitoring of pump stations, channel gates and water meters

Radicle Ag wanted to transform their industrial composting operation, from a traditional windrowing system to an automated, aerated floor system – powered by Doover.

Its success has seen Radicle commercialise this system into the HEAPS composting system – All powered by Doover.

Marellan produce an elite herd of tropically adapted shorthorn cattle.

Doover for remote water monitoring is cheaper than the competition – which means more water points monitored.

Doover is an open ecosystem, so more options for the future, including cattle tracking, solar pump control and cameras

See How It’s Done

Signup and get started for free. Have your own branded portal web app in minutes, and started adding and using devices immediately.

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